FDE - Airbrakes - FPS

  • Hi,

    Well, this Vulcan just looks great and is 90% satisfying.

    Here are 3 issues I notices in FSX:A/Windows 7 :

    1. FDE. What a odd behaviour. I take off, full power, climb. The plane reachs easily 350 kts. passing 10'000 feet it suddenly reaches M0.8, then Mach 1! Is this normal ? 🤔

    2. FPS. Another odd fps issue (I can deal with it). I lock my fps at 26. In VC, no problem. 26! In outside view I get a nice 26 fps as long as I stay in front of the plane. As soon as "the camera" is focusing the tail (from the tail), fps drop to 15 and jump from 20 to 10 and back.
      No problem in flight! Just on the ground. Is something wrong with the gear i.e. ?

    3. Airbrakes. They work well. But... If I put them out once and put them back in, then I cannot accelerate any more over 250-300 kts... It seems like the AB stay out even if they are visualy in. I tried using the usual A/B shortcut and flaps. No difference. As I know this issue, I just avoid using A/B anywhere but on finale approach 😊

    Well, that's all folks



    1. FDE: What you have is a 301 (more powerful, 20000lb thrust each) Olympus engined Vulcan. The 200 series (17000lb) engined aircraft were capable of reaching 40,000ft in 10 minutes, so an average climb rate of 4000fpm. That's quite steep. You have an extra 12,000lb of thrust! There are numerous examples of the need to keep power levels reduced and the fact that the aircraft was overpowered even at heavy AUW. Quoting from the flight manual:
      "The limitations and implications of flying at high speeds at low level are contained in the release to service. All these speeds are easy to exceed"
      and at high level:
      The aircraft readily accelerates to maximum mach number in level flight except at very high AUW, when a slight descent is necessary.
      So the first point is yes, it will easily reach 350 kts and that is normal.
      Your climb profile should be AT MOST max continuous rpm (97.5%), but usually the Vulcan would be climbed at 93 - 95%. Recommended climb speed is 250kts to 20,000ft then 300kts up to a height where this coincides with 0.86M, not full power all the way!
      I'm amazed that you have managed 1.0M, as there are several realistic problems built within the fde and which are ameliorated by systems coding but which should have you struggling to fly comfortably above about 0.9M. Were you in a steep dive, by any chance? You certainly should have been.

    2. and 3. will have to be answered by somebody else, I have no ideas on them.


  • @dggoofy I have the same problem with the airbrakes, on both FSX:SE and P3d 4.5, once initially deployed they seem to be always dragging, even when retracted. But strangely, they seem to cause a bit less drag in the first deployed position than in the retracted position. Hopefully it'll get fixed.