Newbie question- controlling constant speed prop (rpm) lever

  • Hi,

    I'm fairly new to FS2020; the JF Arrow is the first constant speed plane I have tried.

    Until the "good stuff" again comes back in stock, I am using a Logitech Extreme Pro 3D stick. It has a simple throttle lever.

    Instead of scrolling down in the cockpit and using the mouse to change the prop lever, is there any way to map it to a stick button easily?


  • Sure. The default key binding is control + F2 to reduce + Ctrl + F3 to increase. It should be trivial to set to two separate buttons. I don't have the doc in front of me but I bet ontrol F1 and control F4 set prop RPM to minimum and maximum respectively.

    Search for 'Increase propeller pitch’ and ‘decrease propeller pitch’ when editing controller assignments.