Engine Shut Down

  • It goes without saying that I'm thoroughly enjoying flying the 146, it's so much more satisfying than 'being flown' in the A320 I otherwise use. Although the aircraft are linked as I believe the Hatfield team were also responsible for the A320 wing as well as the 146's, and one of the Hatfield 146 Test Pilots, Bill Wainwright, went off to Toulouse to help develop the Airbus. But I digress. I do find completing a safe and smooth 146 flight to be hard work, albeit very satisfying, but I can't seem to get the engines to shut down easily. However many times I test the system of clicking on the trigger switch before clicking on the thrust lever - before engine start, once I have completed a flight I always experience problems. I am using the Honeycomb Bravo throttle controls, and FSUIPC to calibrate the throttles. It seems as if the throttles will not shut down, however many times you click, if they are a fraction open. In this respect the Qualitywings aircraft have a much simpler and more reliable system which just involves a right click on the throttle shutdown levers. I do like to complete a flight properly, and sitting at the gate for ten minutes with three of the four engines running is unprofessional. Any ideas would be welcome.

  • JF Staff

    Just to confirm, when clicking on the throttle latches, they are not moving up at all?