Autopilot: Does the real Arrow have Altitude hold and V/S?

  • Just wondered if the real plane does have that as the cockpit looks like it would not support ALT HOLD and V/S. My Logitech Panel allows me to use both and the AP dial seems to have a ALT HOLD function.


    I assume in the real plane you have to make sure the plane is trimmed at all times, right?

  • No it doesn’t. Just Flight added the click spot for alt hold as a convenience. If you have hardware you can also use vs though you don’t have a visual in the cockpit.

    Surprisingly I hit the go around button earlier to see what would happen and the plane pitched up on its own lol which I wasn’t expecting since the ap has no vnav

  • The plane they used as a reference doesn't. IRL you can upgrade it to something more modern just like the radios and GPS.