Updated Paint Kit

  • Hi, I've been having a LOT of trouble lining up stripes etc on the Wings in the original Paint Kit. Can any Devs tell me what the line below means with regard to the Change Log?

    "Paint kit horizontal stabiliser texture fixes"

    Is this the reason why I've been having problems, or not relevant to my problem? I'd really like to get into some serious Painting, but not if I'm going to continue to have these "Alignment" issues.

    For reference, I'm using Gimp, (latest version). It appears to do everything I need to do, and I'm getting used to all the tools now. It's just the Wings that are holding me back. Yes I'm a perfectionist, I can't stand it if things don't match.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  • @Tigerclaw The Devs can correct me if I'm wrong but I took that to be about this thread:

  • JF Staff

    Yes, the only change is a fix for the issue mentioned on that other thread.

  • @Sender46 @Martyn Thanks.. I already fixed those issues in the first paint kit. Found which layer they were on, and erased them.

    I started a new paint tonight, using the latest Paint kit, and some parts are really hard to line up. I guess Painters get this all the time, and find ways around it. Iā€™m still learning it all, but I did learn how to line up wing stripes on the elevators tonight. Progress at last šŸ˜
    Thanks for your replies though.