Emergency gear stuck in the down emergency gear extension.

  • Since the third update my emergency gear lever has been stuck in the emergency down position and Iv been unable to move it up. As a Consequence the ‘AUTO EX OFF’ light is never lit now. Otherwise the gear works fine. Anyone else noticed this? Iv also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the aircraft but to no avail.

  • Same here, impossible to use the emergency gear and the orange light remains off.

  • The lever itself is working fine for me. I can select all three positions, and all function correctly now apart from the emergency extension in the full down position. In this position the gear doesn't seem to want to drop unless the lg pump is running. In theory, when the switch is fully down it should allow the gear to extend under it's own weight even without power to the pump, but it doesn't. I've submitted a ticket to that effect.

    Edited to add - if your gear is retracting and extending normally, the emergency gear lever isn't in it's full down position, it will almost certainly be in the middle 'normal' position. With the lever in the bottom-most position, you wouldn't be able to retract the wheels.

  • JF Staff

    Do you have state saving enabled? If so, what happens if you disable that and then use the 'Ready for Takeoff' state on the EFB?

  • @Martyn works fine with state saving disabled.

  • @captain744 if that happens during your flight follow the manual procedure as indicated below

    • Gear switch down position
    • CB Gear button off
    • Switch the emergency gear back to the right position
    • CB Gear button on
    • Gear switch up position
      That must get the gear move up as expected.

  • JF Staff

    @sydel7912 said in Emergency gear stuck in the down emergency gear extension.:

    @Martyn works fine with state saving disabled.

    Thanks. It should work correctly with state saving enabled from the next build.