BAe146 and Avro RJ Technical Data

  • I have been trying to update my BAe146 / Avro RJ performance spreadsheet, in particular to match the payload and weight figures of the Just Flight Aircraft.
    It is difficult to find performance data for the 146 but there is plenty of data still available still for the AVRO RJ series. What data that is available is different in some respects from the figures shown in the Just Flight load configurator. For example the BAe146 cargo weights in the load config are shown as a maximum of 476kg for each of the front and rear cargo holds, whereas BAE publish a figure of 2267kg for both holds in the RJ70 and higher weight in the RJ85 and RJ100. Apart from the advanced flight deck and revised interiors the aircraft are structurally similar, so I wonder if the Just flight load figures are correct.

    Anyway I thought that 146 owners might be interested in the data that is still available in terms of aircraft performance:

    1. Euro control maintain a database of aircraft flight performance. See link below. Note that the appropriate ICAO codes are B461 B462 and B463.

    1. BAe published a guide to AVRO RJ performance in 2004 which can still be found on the internet. This guide has a wealth of performance data, which I hope will be reflected in the RJ version when released.

    1. BAe Systems Air Prestwick still publish brochures on the 146 and Avro RJ. You need to fill in your name, email address and company. It will accept N/A for company and the brochures are sent back immediately to your email address as attachments.

    Once I have updated the 146 spreadsheet to include the latest weights, and after Just Flight have issued an update to their load configurator, which I believe is under way, then I will publish a link to the new download. The existing one is available on AVSIM:
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    BAe AVRO RJ / 146 Runway Performance Spreadsheet

  • very helpful, thank you!