Fictitious helipad AFCADs affecting GSX

  • Hi.

    I have had a problem with my last 2 flights. My previous one was into Cologne-Bonn EDDK. Once I had landed I started up GSX so I could choose my gate. But all GSX could find was Cologne Helipad JFDK which offered me just 4 parking spots (none of which were at EDDK). No matter how close I got to the EDDK terminal all it brought up was JFDK. Consequently I was unable to hook up the jetway, request any ground services, disembark my passengers, etc. I checked the folder for my EDDK scenery, and sure enough, the AFCAD was there. In fact JFDK also appeared as an option on the P3D airport list, and going to one of the parking spots placed me at a random spot on the western side of the EDDK airfield, and there were some strange textures on the ground. I was scratching my head trying to work out what was causing this, so I started to search for anything with JFDK. And I found a BGL file in the Traffic Global Airport Facilities folder (AF2_JFDK.bgl). So I decided to disable that file - and bingo, that solved the problem. GSX could now see EDDK and I was able to select a gate. And JFDK no longer appeared in the P3D airport list. And gone too were the strange grounds textures.

    Today I have flown into Berlin EDDB, and I couldn't believe it when the precise same thing happened again. All GSX could see was Berlin Helipad JFDB, and it was due to AF2_JFDB.bgl in Airport Facilities. Of course I was unable to disable the file with P3D still running.

    I have googled these helipads, and it would seem that they are fictitious. The ICAO codes certainly do not exist. So I would like to ask what the point is of these BGL files? There are 30 of them, all in the format AF2_JF**.bgl. It is very difficult to guess which airport they will impact as the clue is only in the last 2 letters, so should I just deactivate all of them? I can see files with JFDH, JFDF and JFDM, so at a guess these may impact my Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich sceneries.

    Moreover these helipads files would seem to be in conflict with other files in Airport Facilities such as AFX_EDDK.bgl. I assume that these too are AFCAD files? So could I also ask whether I should deactivate any AFCAD files in Airport Facilities which may conflict with AFCAD files in 3rd party airport add-on sceneries?


  • Yes if you use GSX Delete all the AF2 BGLs you don`t need them.