Traffic at airports in P3D V5.1

  • Hi all,
    After doing a compile a either setting the traffic global slider to accurate or more flight plans makes no difference, I’ve got very little traffic at airports. If it wasn’t for easy jet I’d have practically no traffic and I’ve yet to see any cargo traffic at airports where you’d expect to see cargo carriers. I have a clean install of P3D V5.1. I have the traffic slider at 100% in p3d. Just checking if I’m doing something wrong when I compile the traffic. Am I missing something?
    The compiler carries out its process no problem and sends the files as normal.

    I also have traffic global for Xplane 11 and I don’t have any issues with volume of traffic.

    Cheers 👍🏻

  • Sadly since they halved the database after .6 version you see less aircraft at airports and traffic in P3Dv5, also the airport BGLs are not all the same as V4 less parking in the default airports. but that`s just my finding I do have lots of traffic but with a edited database and scenery folder.