Taking off

  • It's normal that between 40 and 65, the plane goes left and right, and using rudder is so difficult?
    Landing and flying is perfect

  • The rudder is indeed super twitchy, especially on takeoff, even with an aggressive curve set in FSUIPC to calm it down. I reckon that it's a problem with the current 2020 flight model, among which there are many.

  • I've noticed the same behavior, it is hardly possible to keep the runway centerline when gaining speed on take-off... at the beginning I thought it was a matter of cross-wind forces affecting the direction, but then I tried without wind and saw the same behavior...

    I don't know until what degree is a matter of MSFS ground physics (which I think are in the need of a big improvement) or a matter of the Arrow III flight model, but I believe there a share between the two (and this is based in the fact that other planes don't have this extreme behavior in the ground).

  • With all other planes, I don't have that "problem" or at least is not so exasperated.
    But ok, mod is awesome so...

  • The new Aerosoft CRJ, for example, has some weird rudder behavior on take off. I think it just depends on the plane and how it's setup, but there are definitely a lot of universal oddities in the 2020 flight model. Perhaps JF can do something to make it a smoother experience. Most 2020 addon developers seem to be pointing to problems with the 2020 flight model itself when I see people ask about weird stuff like this.

  • The rudder is the worst of the three axes in MSFS - it's a struggle to make it feel anywhere near normal, and the disconnect between ground handling and airborne is ridiculous. Nose wheel steeri g and rudder have both been reduced to stupidly low levels to try and control the sideways movement, but that then adversely affects handling in flight.

  • @Delta558 I noticed that that the rudder deflects to full when the joystick or pedals is only at 50%... This makes the rudder twice as sensitive as it should be to the joystick or pedal input.

  • @RetiredMan93231 I know what you're saying, but:

    If the sim reads from the control surface (as we are regularly told), then when that stops moving there should be no further effect.

    If the sim is working as previous sims and the visual model is just a visual and the effect is created by the axis and coefficients in the config file, then full movement and effect of the rudder is achieved no matter what it looks like from the external view.

    I do not see that from either you could reach a situation where double the effect is being created.

  • This is not an arrow issue. It's a core sim problem at the moment, every plane will do this in the right conditions. You're experiencing an extreme weathervane effect from the vertical stab. IIRC it boils down to the ground friction physics are not right at all,.but asobo knows this already.

  • I applied the corrections to the flight model that have been shared in the topic about "Weight and Balance" and the handling of the plane in the ground has improved... in my last take-off I was able to keep the nose certerlined during all the take-off roll...

    The fix:
    In the flight-model.cfg file:

    engine_wash_on_roll =0.7 ;1
    ;engine_wash_on_roll =0

    Rudder input continues to be very rough but at least the plane doesn't drift that much...

    Original post:

    @RetiredMan93231 said in Weight and Balance:

  • @Delta558 said in Taking off:

    If the sim reads from the control surface (as we are regularly told), then when that stops moving there should be no further effect.

    If the sim is using the actual control surface for the flight model, which is implied by the previous Asobo videos I have seen on the "modern" flight model behavior, then yes, it will not have any further effect when it reaches maximum deflection... but if it only takes half of the joystick or pedal movement to reach that point, then the joystick is twice as sensitive as it should be!

    But, if it works like X-Plane, where the visual model animation and the actual flight model are completely separated, and only the visual deflection for the rudder is doubled, not the flight model rudder deflection, then it would not affect the actual joystick sensitivity... I don't really know which way this sim actually determines the flight model, but the visual animation is clearly wrong...