Eng Oil temp warming up too fast?

  • Hi,
    Someone else feels the oil temp raises too quickly? I have never flown a PA28 but I flew GA and I remember taking quite some time to warm up the oil at cooler temperatures outside.
    I know I am nitpicking here, but it might be interesting to share also real experiences here.

  • Anyone with a feedback?


  • Iv not flown one in real life but comparing it to the A2A Pipers on how quick the oil temp raises, it does seem quick.

  • I agree, it seems to raise too fast comparing to a real engine.
    Is it influenced by external temp in the sim?

  • Mine seems to warm up pretty fast. On a cold day (30F or so), it might take 10 minutes at climb or cruise power before the temperature indicated stabilizes. Probably about half that for a summer day. I have a CHT gauge as well and I monitor that and oil pressure a bit more often than oil temp. Somewhat related, but not relevant to the model is that most Arrows have a plate that can be easily installed that limits airflow over the oil cooler. It is recommended for operations where the ambient ground temp is less that 50 degrees F. Without using that, it would take a lot longer for oil temps to stabilize in cold weather operations.

  • @BernieV Do you think it should be slower than it is now in the sim?

    Those are the default values in the engines.cfg files that should affect it:

    oil_temp_factor_from_rpm=0.000000:0.800000, 250.000000:0.800000, 500.000000:0.670000, 2000.000000:0.830000, 4000.000000:0.890000

    Will try to play with those a bit.

  • @set3times I'm not sure enough to give advice from memory. Next time I fly I'll keep an eye on it and make some notes on how long it takes to warm up. I'll get back to you in a few days.

  • @BernieV great, thanks!

  • @set3times I finally flew today for the first time in a while. Surface conditions were 70F today. By the time I got to the run-up area, about 8 minutes had passed. There was no movement of the oil gauge. I did a run-up and still no change. I took off and within a few minutes the needle was off the stop and climbing. About 5 mins into the climb it had reached a stable temperature.