Co-Pilot Bug

  • Hello,

    there is a weird bug. There is a co-pilot sitting next to me, even if i disable it. If I enable it, another co-pilot appears modeled directly onto the one already sitting there. Is anyone experiencing similar things? In VR the co-pilot is a lot to render and the framerate drops to much, that's why I want him or better in this case her, out of it.

    Thanks for the help!

  • This is caused by an incorrect configuration in the aircraft.cfg file. You can fix it by editing the following two lines in the file as shown below... A bug report has also been submitted to Just Flight.

    pilot_attach_node = "PILOT_0"
    copilot_attach_node = "PILOT_1"

  • The thing is even with the co-pilot enabled and working as intended (?), it still loads the wrong avatar into the co-pilot's seat. Namely, the pilot avatar is being loaded and placed into the co-pilot's seat for me (rather than the co-pilot avatar which would be correct). Very strange indeed.

  • @Leonard-McCoy You are correct... the current configuration for the Pilot and Copilot avatar is reversed. The correct configuration is shown above in my previous post.

  • I just went to "Outside" view, and back to "Cockpit" view and the Co-pilot was gone. Don't know if this means anything, but it worked for me.

  • JF Staff

    Unfortunately there are some oddities with how the co-pilot works and Asobo appear to keep making small changes to that (without any documentation to explain the changes). It's also not intended to show a co-pilot whilst in the cockpit view so it's a bit of a 'hack'. We'll look again to see if we can do anything to improve this feature with the current MSFS build.