VR an cockpit interactions in v 0.2.0

  • Hi,

    Thanks a lot for great improvements in VR usage coming in v 0.2!

    I still have some problem is some specific switches however:

    1- "Intercom switch" to open/close EFB, and "Annunciator press-to-test button" have too small click areas, so it's really a pain to find them. It takes pixel accuracy.

    2- Garmin 100: click spots are in front of the button (10 cm?). And especially from the copilot seat, going with mouse cursor from left to right side, it looks that the 3D surface is following a curve


  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback. We'll look at these for the next update.

  • Thanks for fixing the VR .

    I'd say these switches are also difficult to target with a mouse in VR:



  • I've found that they can sometimes be difficult to target with a mouse in non-VR as well. Slightly bigger click spots would help.