Observations with latest version of BAe146

  • Hi, I just installed the latest version and did some trial flights with it. I would like to list the following observations:

    1. YD warning light - the YD switch on the overhead panel has no effect on the YD warning light.
    2. The Flight Director pitch bar does no show correct values during IAS hold or VS selection (always a negative pitch command). Seems okay during level flight in ALT HOLD
    3. The landing and taxi light seems not to be illuminated on the visual model. Actual illumination of scenery during night night needs to be tested
    4. speed selection has no effect on the FAST/SLOW indicator on the ADI. Indicator always indicates full deflection SLOW
    5. UNS - not able to select a approach type (only STAR selection is possible)
    6. UNS is calculating in lbs while the fuel indicator shows Kg - EFB selection of lbs/Kg does not have any effect on the UNS
    7. Wx RDR does not indicate any wx or ground returns
    8. as soon as the ice detector is switched on, a warning caption is raised (this observation was already reported before)
    9. VNAV selection leads to a negative pitch command - AP won't push over to establish a negative climb rate!!!

    Happy for any further comments and questions...

  • Hi,

    I have all problems listed in your post, except troubles with wx rdr (make sure that you have activesky, and it is running). And sometimes ice detection works ok.

    Also problems with wheel animation while moving on ground. There are rotating and static wheels at the same time.

  • And problem with FD and IAS/VS: I see that in all videos with this model in YouTube.
    Plus sometimes it's unable to select VS via AP SYNC mode.