Logitech Switch panel with the Arrow

  • Are there any plans to fix the light switches compatibility with the Logitech Switch Panel?

  • @Phantoms To use the switches on my Honeycomb ALPHA yoke, I had to reassign the bindings in MSFS from the default ON / OFF commands to SET commands, which are now supported in V 0.2.0... I suspect this would also work for the Logitech panel.

  • Logitech use drivers to make their panels compatible with MSFS. The switches are not assignable like they would be with a yoke or joystick. Some of the light simconnect variables on the JF Arrow are not the same as the default planes and thus things like the Beacon switch, Nav light switch, Strobe switch and even the taxi light switch (which should not connect on the arrow but instead does and controls other things) work incorrectly.

  • You'll have to either get a Honeycomb or buy a license for Spad.next. Someone has already made a Piper Arrow setup for on Spad, so you can just "download" it and activate. I also have one that I made. As was said before, Logitech has its own drivers but they don't read as buttons in MSFS. Honeycomb does. I don't think there's any other way than Spad.next.

  • If you switch the key to on or start, the next time you switch it to off, it will switch to off and then back to on in sim. If you again put it on R, then off then it will stay off. The Beacon light only makes a a single switch in sim everytime you cycle it on "and" off. If you switch the beacon light to just on and then switch the taxi, strobe or nav switches then two things switch in sim.

    I'm sure I'm missing some things but the switch panel is really a mess with the JF Arrow.

  • JF Staff

    What we need to know to provide compatibility with your hardware is exactly which MSFS controls are being triggered when you move the physical switches, e.g. 'BEACON LIGHTS ON', 'TOGGLE BEACON LIGHTS' etc.

  • @Martyn , The default bindings for the Honeycomb ALPHA yoke toggle switches are the ON/OFF commands (Landing Lights ON / Landing Lights OFF) and this would be most compatible, but also supporting the SET commands (Set Landing Lights) would provide even better compatibility...

  • JF Staff

    The SET commands should be supported following our update but we'll get the ON/OFF commands added.

  • The "Set" commands ARE supported for Spad.next. That's what I'm using for this Plane. The problem with "Light ON/OFF" is it causes the dreaded 10 deg bug. Maybe it will different after the next Sim update, I don't know. But for NOW the "set" commands are curing that problem.

    I don't think the "set" commands are available direct in the sim though, I'm not sure. I switched to Spad.next specifically to avoid that bug and use my autopilot encoders as they should be.

  • @Tigerclaw , I have the SET commands currently configured in MSFS for my Honeycomb ALPHA yoke, and they do work with this aircraft as they should. But, unfortunately that doesn't cure the 10 degree bug... so, we'll have to wait for Asobo to eventually fix that!

  • Yep, that's why I invested in Spad.next and what a headache that was/is. It's powerful, I give it that, but man the learning curve is so intense. I hope Asobo DO fix the 10deg bug, its been driving me nuts since I bought the Alpha.

  • @Tigerclaw said in Logitech Switch panel with the Arrow:

    Yep, that's why I invested in Spad.next and what a headache that was/is. It's powerful, I give it that, but man the learning curve is so intense. I hope Asobo DO fix the 10deg bug, its been driving me nuts since I bought the Alpha.

    For the alpha and bravo...any switch that is not sprung momentary, in spad set switch type as "simple pushbutton" and for modifier tell each action to press and release and you won't get the switch spamming the sim.

  • @sluflyer06 Thanks, I’ll give that a try. I’ve got that part (10deg bug) working fine for now, just having a few problems choosing which variable to use for different switches/functions. Getting there though 🙂

  • @Martyn Is there a program that will tell you exactly what is being commanded by each switch press? Logitech uses drivers so it's hard to see exactly what they are doing. But I do know in the default airplanes the switches work as they should. Bat On turns on the battery, battery off turns off the battery (master), etc.
    This is what the panel looks like and I just assumed that someone at JustFlight would of had one.

    alt text

  • @Phantoms Spad.next is worth of trying. I use it for configuring Logitech flight devices. Yes it cost some money, but there is free 14 days demo for trying. OMHO, it is worth of money for Logitech users. And it can be used WITHOUT Logitech plugin drivers, some users have reported problems with it.

  • I’m 100% sure it will be fixed, anything else would be scandalous at this price. But give them time. The trend nowadays is to release unfinished products to let the paying customers be beta testers. But it will be fixed eventually.

  • @Kaukinen I did give Spad ago and didn't have much luck. My worry is even if I did get Spad working with the Arrow and everything set up and assigned, then I would also have to set it up with every single other aircraft which all work fine with the logitech drivers including the Mooney save it's fuel switch. That seems pretty daunting when it's just this one plane causing havoc with it.

  • No changes with the 0.3 update. Panel switches still not working correctly and conflicting with each other.

  • @Phantoms , You should be able to tell what commands each of the switches and buttons are are assigned to by first pressing [ESC] and opening the CONTROLS screen in MSFS. Then select the SEARCH BY INPUT box and just flip a switch to see what command it is currently assigned to.

  • @RetiredMan93231 Unfortunately, Logitech/Saitek panels do not show in the controls so that method doesn't work. They are operated by drivers.

    This really takes away from the enjoyment of the Arrow and has turned me off to purchasing the Turbo Arrow when it comes out. The logitech panels are not like an extremely rare item. Once you get past yokes, joysticks, rudders and throttles then they are probably the next in terms of usage for MSFS.

    I know I could use Spad, but spad would involve programming the panel for each individual plane. It would also require doing so for my autopilot multi panel. Spad does not coexist with the logitech drivers. It is a hugely daunting task when the panels already have drivers for them that work all the default and deluxe planes correctly. They also work with the Carenado Mooney correctly too. If Just Flight can not get them to control the Arrow correctly, then that doesn't bode well for any future Just Flight purchases for me. @Cdr_Maverick