Planes starts rolling at 800rpm

  • Could somebody confirm that this plane starts moving on ground at idle rpm 800-900 in real life?

  • It's not impossible that an Arrow would start taxing at 800 RPM. Two factors that I'm aware are tire pressure and outside temperature. The lower each is, the more power it takes start rolling.

    Of course wind and the gradiant of the ground you're resting on will influence it is well. Once you do get moving I find a thousand RPM a good power for taxing on level ground in real life.

  • Thank you. In the first version the idle RPM was at 1000 and there it was logical that the plane starts rolling.
    Now in v2, if I pull back the throttle I have 600 RPM and the plane doesn't move. But beginning with 800-900 rpm it starts moving and I have to use the brakes. As I doesn't know the real Piper Arrow I wanted to ask pilots which know this plane.