Compass Inoperable

  • Good morning. I downloaded and installed the updated version of the Arrow and have noted some of the changes which have been made (i.e. idle RPMs fixed), but it seems that the main compass has become inoperable. Is that the case, or am I missing something in my setup?

  • JF Staff

    Are you referring to the whisky compass? If so, it looks like that has been broken since release and we've now fixed that.

  • The whiskey compass was working for me before the update and generally matched the HSI. Since the update it appears to be broken e.g. I'm now flying heading 256 degrees on the HSI and the whiskey compass is stuck on North. It's stuck on North regardless of what heading I fly.

  • @Sender46 Yes, that's the compass I was referring to. As others have said, it worked before the update but is stuck at North now.

  • JF Staff

    That will be fixed in an upcoming update -

    In the meantime it can be fixed manually be editing the 'JF_PA28_VC.xml' file in *\Packages\Community\justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-iii\SimObjects\Airplanes\JF_PA28_Arrow\model*

    <Code>(L:UPPER_compass, number)</Code>