HSI no glideslope indication

  • Hello JustFlight,

    thank you for the wonderful Arrow. I got it for P3D and it was a no brainer for me to get it also for the MSFS. Best add-on so far I have to say.

    I am using the Arrow with an HSI. Is it supposed to have also glideslope indication? I am asking since while there is a glideslope indication scale on the instrument, there is no glideslope pointer (the VOR1 works just fine).

    The issue is that flying ILS is fine with just the VOR1 but RNAV approaches become difficult as the VOR1 is not slaved to the GPS (as pointed out on a different question on this forum) and the HSI is not indicating glideslope.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  • For me, the glideslope indication works on the HSI as well. Make sure you set CDI to VLOC since GPS could look like a localizer depending on your approach but wouldn't show a glideslope.

  • My bad, you are right - when on ILS, the HSI is actually showing glideslope too. I have not realized that when fully deflected, the pointer moves out of visible range of the scale 😀

    However, my point about the HSI and RNAV is still valid: when flying RNAV approach, the HSI does not provide glideslope indication.

  • @apollon01 said in HSI no glideslope indication:

    when flying RNAV approach, the HSI does not provide glideslope indication.

    Does that even work in any aircraft in MSFS?

  • When testing, it worked fine with the C172 G1000.

  • @apollon01 Sorry, I wans't precise enough 😃 I meant whether it works in any aircraft that is using the same GNS530/GNS430 systems as this addon.
    I will give it a try, haven't flown pure IFR with it yet.
    Also make sure to use the GNS530 mod, it's great and adds a VNAV page:

  • No problem.
    I tested with the default DA20 and 40 and analog C172 as these have the GNS530/430 and VOR with glideslope indication (mind though, they do not have an HSI).

    When performing an RNAV approach, the localizer indicator kinda moves as expected (though is much less sensitive as when on ILS) and the glideslope needle does not move at all (tested with the modded GNS530/430).

    Interesting thing is that when on autopilot (C172, the DA20/40 do not have one), the aircraft follows down the glideslope even though it is not depicted on the gauge. So the RNAV glideslope is actually there and the autopilot is able to catch and follow it, it is not depicted on the VOR/HSI.

    Also, as mentioned above, the localizer needle deflection is very weak compared to ILS (or to other sims).

    So this issue is probably not linked to the JF Arrow III only (I tested also the Lionheart's Trinidad and the result is the same). I will file a support ticket anyway.