JF PA-28 Climb Performance Issues

  • From approx 6000’ ASL I’m unable to get a climb rate of more than 300fpm @ 80 knots no matter what adjustments I make to mixture or prop pitch. ATC instructions to climb to 13,000’ are simply unattainable.

    Is anyone else experiencing the same, or could someone advise the control settings to obtain a constant rate of 1,000 fpm @ 92 knots that the manual states?&


  • Hi,

    Not sure where you get that figure from, but (temperature-dependant, using what the performance chart takes to be std temp) you should be at 90 kts and hoping for 600fpm from 6000ft, dropping off to less than 300fpm at 13,000ft. That's direct from the standard Arrow's POH.

  • It's possible that your aircraft has picked up icing which is not currently visible on the frame. This affects the climb performance of the aircraft. I had this same issue. You can check the amount of ice on the aircraft frame from the developer bar.