Refill & Recharge nonfunctional?

  • Heya, loving the Arrow. It's really my first foray into GA. I'm curious if there's something sill I'm missing. I've flown a few flights and I'm noticing my oil level going down and my bat is now at 8.8v. Everything I've read says just click on "Refill oil" and/or "Recharge Battery" on the EFB, yet when I do this absolutely nothing happens. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

    In addition, I thought I'd do the tutorial flight, but the instructions in the manual says to go to the world menu and hit load/save and select the flight. I did that, but the Justflight tutorial flight doesn't show up in that folder. It's fine, I just set up the same flight in the menu myself, but I was just wondering if anyone knows what folder the flight file actually resides in.

    Any thoughts on the refill & recharge thing would be appreciated as pretty soon I'll be outa oil with a dead battery lol. Thanks in advance!


  • JF Staff

    Whilst this is not a support forum, please submit all bugs to the below link

    However, we are currently aware of this issue.