White NAV tail light not visible

  • Hi,

    The white navigation tail light is not visible at the default 50% exterior view.
    When nighttime it is the same, you need to zoom all the way out at 0%, then you can see (sometimes) the small white nav light.

    This needs a fix.

  • Did you increase the brightness to max? It's the dial left of the battery switch.

  • @ZenIT_SWE

    I think so, I will check it out.

  • @ZenIT_SWE
    Hi again,

    yes brightness to max, only visible when you zoom out at maximum

    I send a ticket.

  • The white Nav light is visible only if you switch on the nav lights while you're in external view. When switching to internal and back to external, it is off again.

    Try it yourself, go to external view and press L one or two times until all lights are on - the white nav light will be nicely visible without zooming.

    I already reported that to support via ticket, I think it has something to do with the internal/external models being switched since the white nav light is the only that is bound to a model node (since it has to move together with the rudder).

    Speaking of lights: Check out my "Lights mod" on flightsim.to where I adjusted all the exterior lights slightly. But the white nav light issue cannot be fixed via configuration.

  • @copper I still notice this particular issue. When you switch from cockpit view to external view and turn on nav light the tail white nav light turns on, but if you switch back to cockpit view and again external view it is off.

  • @anderson Yep, it's still not fixed. I reported this via ticket just after release but still no fix in all the updates.

  • JF Staff

    As per the build notes, this will be fixed in the next update. Took a while to find a workaround solution for this MSFS quirk.