Alternative alt hold indication?

  • Hello, first of all thank you for that plane.
    Will you consider the possibility of introducing another control indicating that alt hold is on? Other than the tolltips option, which is permanently disabled for me. Maybe somewhere in the cockpit or EFB?

  • I agree a small inconspicuous light or indicator somewhere would be very useful, hopefully not on the EFB as I turn off before flight.

  • JF Staff

    Thank you for your comment.

    Unfortunately, as the aircraft doe not have an ALT hold in real life we have only introduced it to make it easier at time for the pilot flying.

    This is the only current viable option since its release for FSX

  • @Craig Thank you for the answer. I'm fully aware that real aircraft does not have this functionality. In simulator it is possible and there is an indication of ALT hold mode work on - but we need to activate tooltips (another immersion killer). By indication of ALT hold mode i was thinking about (i don't know) maybe another scratch on windshield in specific place? Regards.

  • Best would be an altitude bug in the altimeter. As long as Alt hold is inactive, it would not be visible, but if you enable it, you can see the altitude bug with the set altitude.
    For people not using the feature, the wouldn't be bothered with something additional in the view, but people using it would have not only a visual indication about the on/off state but also would see the preselected altitude in one go.

  • @Craig

    Unfortunately, as the aircraft doe not have an ALT hold in real life we have only introduced it to make it easier at time for the pilot flying.

    It's good there are no unrealistic visual elements in the cockpit it's a slippery road. Next we'll have an intercom switch that brings a tablet in and out of existence or something 😃

    Joking aside the reason I mention the tablet is maybe that would be a reasonable alternative for hidden clickspots and indications. It would certainly be more user friendly / discoverable and may also reduce end user frustration and / or support tickets. The tablet feels under utilised during flight a moving map etc would be a great option.

  • The statement that the real aircraft does not have a certain item is somehow relative. OK, the aircraft did not have an ALT HOLD mode when it was released, and I get that you are modeling the plane with that state in mind, but many of the Arrow III aircrafts that are currently flying have seen they're avionics updated, some having completely new systems with modern autopilot units.

    I get the vintage look and feel of the plane and all that staff, and I fully endorse you to keep it as true to real live as you are doing, but, at least from my perspective, it would be great to have the option to fly a version of the Arrow with a little more modern avionics, like a more complex autopilot and maybe some more GPS options (like a GTN for example)... I don't know about you guys but for me that would be really fantastic, even if you happen to launch it as an addon...