Knocking noise

  • I wish I could stop that damned knocking noise when I stop. Not sure what it's meant to be but it doesn't sound right to me. Gonna have to look for the sound file.

  • I do wish I knew what it was supposed to be...keys jingling against the mip?

  • I think the sound is coming from the toe brakes. Will have to check again. I pressed the toe brakes and could hear the same sound but it then went away. If it is toe brakes jitter it would make no sense as I have hall sensors on my brakes which do not have any noise.....

  • @captain744 If that's what it is, it doesn't seem to be appropriate when the aircraft is stopped and still, which detracts from the immersion for me and I find it very annoying (which is a shame given how much I'm enjoying the aircraft otherwise).

    I did see a post by Martyn saying the brake pedal sound is being addressed but I'm not sure if that is the sound I'm hearing.

    I have found the file for the sound I'm hearing. It's file JustFlight_PA28R.PC_671.ogg (6 seconds long), which is within file JustFlight_PA28R.PC.PCK but I don't know how to disable it.

    I thought maybe I was being too picky and I didn't raise a ticket for it before but I have now.

  • JF Staff

    This should be fixed in the next update.

  • @Martyn Thank you 🙂

  • I'm disappointed on this particular item. 😞 With update 0.3.0 there's now an even more annoying continuous knocking/clicking noise when I shut down that's worse than it was before. What is it intended to be??? Is it intended to be cooling down of the exhaust? If so, I'm sorry to say it's not very convincing to me 😞

    That said, I do appreciate the rest of what's been done with this update. Well done for that Just Flight.

    EDIT: And that horrible noise is there again today starting from cold 😞 Please fix this!!!

    EDIT: I've recorded the sound I'm hearing but can't attach the file (apparently I don't have enough privileges to do that) but I have sent it to Support.

    EDIT: I think I may have figured out what's causing this. It went away during pre-start checks and I think that was when I moved the prop lever slightly away from full forward. It seems that the position of the prop lever may have been intermittently triggering the sound that lever makes when it reaches it's full forward stop. I can't replicate it at will, so will see what happens when I hear it again. If I know I can make it go away just by moving the prop lever I can live with that.

  • @Sender46 I had the same constant more like squeaking sound. I pressed down on the toe brakes a few times and can make the same sound. Went away after that. Weird?