Morse Code Identification Signal

  • I can't get the Morse code identification signal working for the VORs or the ADF. Has anybody got these working?

  • Only tested a VOR on box 1, but it's very VERY quiet!

  • Yep, i can hear ADF and VOR2 very very quiet. Volume knobs on radios seem to not working. I had a problem with VOR1 coupled with GNS530. Regards.

  • I can't hear it even sat quiet on the ground with the engine off and the volume turned right up. Maybe I'm just going deaf.

  • Have you flipped the switch on the audio panel? Didn't hear ATIS tonight, and I think I forgot to flip the switch.

  • @Tigerclaw I've flipped every flipping switch on the audio panel to every flipping position and I still can't hear it.

  • Okay, just did a small bit of testing. Stuck myself at EGMC tuned Nav 1 to 111.35 (ILS at that airport). With the switch on the Audio panel pushed UP, I received the Morse Code. With the Switch in the center position No Morse. With the Switch DOWN (Phones) received the Morse again. BUT with the switch in "OFF" position, if you rotate the little lever around the LARGE tuning knob, to the "Ident" position, you receive the Morse!

    Tried the SAME test on Nav 2 With different results. Nav 2 Audio up, No Morse, Nav 2 Audio down, No Morse, I had to rotate the little lever to "Ident" to receive any Morse.

    I have Head Phones, and my Sim settings are, In the sound settings, set to Communication Output, in the Communications Selection. So my ATC, and Morse comes through my headphones. As does other chat programs, like Discord or Skype.
    I couldn't get any ADF Morse, but that could be because you can't actually tune into 362.5 on the ADF, only 362 with no decimal places.

    Clearly the Audio panel needs a slight tweak for the Nav 2 switches to work properly, but I DO have Morse.

  • @Tigerclaw I repeated your testing and I do get the same results as you now for NAV1 and NAV2, except that I don't get Morse with the NAV1 rotary switch in the IDENT position regardless of which position the NAV1 audio switch is in.

    At EGKA, tuned to 332.00 on the ADF receiver I can now hear Morse with the audio panel switch in the speaker and phone positions (which I couldn't before), so that is working.

    I don't know if I was doing something wrong before but at least I can hear it now, albeit as you say it needs a bit of tweaking.

    I didn't see this issue in the changelog for the update so I'll do a ticket explaining what I'm seeing now.

    Thanks @Tigerclaw for your input and for taking the time to test.

    EDIT: Just did the same testing again and now I can't get any Morse at all on NAV2, not even using the IDENT switch position. There appears to be some inconsistency.

  • @Sender46 Yeah it’s in the changelog, near the bottom, com and nav Audio idents fixed.

  • Still doesn't work for me on NAV1. NAV2 is louder and respects the audio panel settings, that one was fixed.

  • Same here. NAV2 is now louder but still can't hear NAV1.

  • JF Staff

    We're using the default audio system. Can you hear the NAV 1 ident in the default aircraft?

    We are waiting to hear back from Asobo about increasing the volume levels for audio idents. Currently they should be as loud as the default aircraft but bear in mind differences in engine noise.

  • Tested it on the default Cessnas, and yes, it's Asobo's problem. No ident on NAV1 there as well. For some reason NAV2 and ADF are fine.

  • Putting the NAV1 and NAV2 audio panel switches to Speaker or Microphone and the NAV1 and NAV2 rotary switches to Ident, the NAV1 and NAV2 idents now work for me since the update. I can hear both at the same volume (albeit a bit quieter than I would like but I guess that's an Asobo issue).

  • Setting the sound to headphones rather than default will make the ident sounds louder. Or turn down the engine sounds in settings?

  • Tried the JFK VOR (115.90) and I've been getting different Morse codes on NAV1 and NAV2 (NAV2 getting the correct one). Used the old school avionics with GPS100 for the test, for some reason the ident volume control on the 430 and 530 doesn't work
    There's something strange going on with Asobo's database.

  • I am receiving Morse code ID on both NAV1 and NAV2 but the code from NAV1 does not correspond to that of the received NAV aid. Instead it remains fixed to that of a NAV aid with a frequency of 110.5 MHz which is the initial NAV frequency the receivers are set at the start of a flight. The code from NAV2 is correct.

    This behavior is unlike that found on the default 172s where the correct Morse ID can be heard on NAV2 but absolutely nothing is heard from NAV1. That problem appears to be fixed for the steam gauge Cessna 172 using the GNS 530/430 mod, pms50-gns530. However that mod has absolutely no effect on the NAV1 code problem with the Just Flight PA28 Arrow.

  • JF Staff

    Currently we only have control over the NAV frequency, whether the audio ident for the corresponding NAV radio is active and the audio volume. If the NAV frequency is changing as commanded and the HSI/OBS are responding correctly to the tuned VOR then that'd confirm that our logic is correct but unfortunately the MSFS functionality is broken.


  • @Martyn
    I understand what you are saying about what you have control over but as I pointed out the strange behavior observed with the NAV1 Morse code ID appears to be unique to this aircraft. The default MSFS aircraft I have tested may or may not yield Morse ID on NAV1 on any given sim session, but when it is heard it is always the same as that received on NAV2 when it is tuned to the same frequency.
    As I pointed out there may be a clue to the source of this behavior in the fact that for any NAVAID received on NAV1, and correctly being responded to by the HSI/OBS, the Morse ID heard belongs to some other NAVAID with a frequency of 110.5 MHz which just happens to be the the frequency setting of both NAV receivers on start up. For this to happen there must be some bug in the coding for NAV1 that is controlling something other than what you intend to be controlling. This is why I don't believe that this is simply a MSFS issue and it should receive your further investigation. I would suggest comparing the coding for NAV1 for this aircraft with that for NAV2 to start.
    That is why I have taken the time to investigate and submit a ticket to your support team.

  • @sdvpilot
    I have since found on the default MSFS aircraft I have tested that reception of Morse code ID on NAV1 is appears to be inconsistent from one session to another but when heard the code is the same as that heard on NAV2 when it is tuned to the same NAVAID.