Shortfield performance a little too good?

  • To be fair I haven't flown the Archer III in real life, but I have flown the Archer II. The distance required for takeoff seems absurdly low (the plane accelerates so quickly to Vx). It almost feels like I'm flying an ultralight. Anyone else notice the same thing?

  • @ezekiel24r have you checked it against the POH charts? Make sure standard conditions, correct weight and altitude, maybe pick a short runway with a known length that you wouldn't be able to make given POH chart.

  • Since I posted this I've actually flown our archer 2 in real life with a short field takeoff and have confirmed that the shortfield performance in the sim is pretty accurate. Also went through the POH, and taking off within 600-800 ft is very reasonable. Guess I'll just remove this topic lol.