Help! I can't make the PA28 Fly

  • My apologies if this has been covered and I'm overlooking something simple, but I cannot get the Piper to fly in MSFS.

    The flight model is set to "modern"
    The sensitivities are linear

    I've messed with everything I can think of, and no matter what happens, the trim wheel simply doesn't work. I can't operate it with the mouse, and my Honeycomb Bravo wheel does nothing.

    The plane essentially can't stay airborne after takeoff - no amount of back pressure will bring up the nose.

    On the ground, with all avionics off (cold and dark) the trim wheel works fine. As soon as the aircraft gets power, it "twitches" back and forth and can't be moved. I thought this was the phantom autopilot bug, but I can't stop this from happening. I even pulled the circuit breakers for the AP and this did nothing.

    I'm very disappointed, but I want to try to make this work. Please help me to not regret my first third-party addon purchase in a very long time! (old X-plane 10 flyer). With so many reports of great flights, I know it must be me, but I can't sort this one out.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @Quantum-Broccoli Have you turned off choke, tie-downs and tow bar on the “iPad” screen?

  • Yep! To be clear, I can get off the ground... it's when there is air under the wings that it all goes bad.

    But, I did find the problem/cause!

    My Bravo was set to VS, and for some reason this freezes the trim, even when AP is not enabled. Since there are a lot of issues with the switches and inputs on the Honeycomb products, I’m going to assume this is the problem. If I rotate the knob on the Bravo to ALT, the problem goes away. Had my first successful flight!

    The frown is turning into a grin slowly… hopefully they’ll fix the Honeycomb switch issues as well as the other bugs listed in this forum.

  • I noted that I have to adjust excessive elevator trimming in order to maintain control with the joystick (Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick). In my experience, the need for trimming with this aircraft is out of proportions in comparison to other default aircraft. We would not want to adjust controller settings just for one aircraft. The developer of the aircraft should have a look at this odd behaviour.

  • @Quantum-Broccoli there's only issues with HC alpha and bravo switches if you bind them in the sim, don't bind anything other than camera views and do the rest in something like and all your problems with be gone. 😉

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