Mixture Control Question

  • I'm finding the manual pretty good in learning how to fly the Piper correctly, one item I can't find is how to use the 'red' Mixture Controller throughout the flight profile.

    How do I correctly use this control while flying the Piper Arrow ?

  • Adjust mixture for highest EGT, normally when above 3,000ft although it can also increase the EGT when a bit below 3,000ft. When on the ground, pulling back the mixture a bit helps stop plug fouling. Mixture full rich when taking off or landing unless taking off / landing at high altitude, in which case you need to lean for best power (highest EGT).

  • Thanks for the info, can't understand why this wasn't added to the otherwise very comprehensive manual.

  • JF Staff

    The answer to this any many other FAQ's can be found in the support section for this aircraft below:


  • Lean the mixture until you get the highest EGT, then richen back up by about 2 notches on the gauge. There is also a bindable mixture setting in MSFS that will set the best mixture. You can bind that to a key to give you a guide of where the best mixture setting is. Just note that best mixture setting changes depending on altitude, engine and prop rpm and temp.