• I held off buying the other "arrow" after reading the positive reviews of the JF version and after buying and installing it I am impressed with its looks and sounds. However, it seems jittery in the air and the FPS is less than I expected with some stutters too, but is this more to do with MSFS update rather than the aircraft? Any thoughts appreciated.

  • I have to say it’s definitely the update. I’ve tried the same areas in various aircraft with the same results. Sure the Arrow may well have a small fps hit, but it’s not that drastic. Since the update, my friends and I have all noticed something wrong with stutters and fps loss all over the place.
    It got so bad for me I disabled Photogrametry, and I don’t think I’ll bother enabling it again. The sim has better performance now.

  • Comparing this with the stock C152 I loose about 10 frames with this plane. Normally run on average 40-60 frames. Running the sim in 2k everything on max settings.

  • I have no problem with the FBW A32NX or the WT CJ4, but with this one I need to stay clear of dense areas and large airports.

    I get the feeling that they may have accidentally released a debug build since there aren't that much avionic systems that could cause this compared to an airliner.