• Really enjoying the Arrow so far, although there are a few things I've notices that deviate from my experiences in the real aircraft.

    Autopilot - discussed elsewhere, but seems like the logic of the switch combinations isn't quite right. Even with all switches off having previously been active, there are moments where you have to 'push through' what feels like servos fighting your inputs followed by a lurch as you do so.

    Also the Left/Right rotary HDG dial I'm pretty sure is sprung loaded to return to the middle position. In the sim it acts like an incremental dial that can be set on one side or the other.

    Landing Gear Auto/Emerg Extension - Any Arrow I've flown has always had auto extension disabled, but I don't think the normal undercarriage switch should be moving to the down position with the automatic extension kicking in. It's a purely manual switch.

    The normal position for the override switch between the seats is in it's middle position. The down position that the aircraft seems to default to is the emergency extension position. This would normally release hydraulic pressure and allow the gear to drop under their own weight. The 'up' position is the override for the auto extender. It certainly shouldn't default to the down position I don't think.

    Idle - I don't care what they say on Twitter, the Arrow should idle at 5-800 rpm, not 1000! 😁

  • I suggest you create tickets for Support on these issues.
    Regarding the autopilot activation I got a response that they're currently looking into it but can't say when it will be fixed.

  • Done, thank you.