OAT not working

  • My OAT Gauge isnt working, anyone elses working at all.

  • I can't say it "isn't" working, but I can say it's not accurate. Mine is always reading below Zero, but then I don't look at it all the way through the flight, I'm too busy flying the plane 😉 I'll have to do some real testing one day, but for now I'm trying to learn how this bird flies, and marveling at the beauty.

  • You mean the one on the center column? For me it worked yesterday, did show ~25°C on ground and -12°C at cruise which was pretty accurate.

    Please provide more details about which values you're comparing against (ATIS, METAR,...?) and maybe a screenshot. It's hard to tell what you mean with "isnt working".

  • Well I’m based in the U.K. Did a real weather flight early this morning at egmc OAT on ground read about -8c, in the air at about 2k up read about -10c. It’s not that cold. Still....needs mentioning as it’s used to work out true airspeed on the airspeed indicator 😉

  • So it's working but showing a wrong value. That's a different story...
    The question is just whether the sim simply has the wrong temperature or the gauge is wrong.
    You can set custom weather and try different temperatures and check what the gauge says. Easy as that.

  • Give it a try and let my know please. Not at my computer atm

  • I don't have the issue, so you'll have to try it yourself. I'm just showing you ways on how to verify your own claims 🙂

  • Seems to be a calibration issue, at least on my client.

    Constantly under-reads by, funnily enough, a standard atmospheric 15 degrees. That could just be a coincidence.

    Whatever the game temp is set to, the aircraft gauge always seems to read 15 degrees less at MSL.

  • I'm sat on the ground at Compton Abbas and the aircraft gauge reads -1 degree C, with the sim saying it's 15 degrees C.

  • Landed at Santa Barbara municipal in California the gauge read 2c real weather was 17c so yeah something not right. Thx guys.

  • Seems to respond, but it's indicating ISA deviation, not OAT.