Ground effect problem

  • Hi i notice an issue with the ground effect, that when im approching, the ground effect its excesive, and as a real pilot that flies the PA28, at the moment of the landing the control of the plane decrease a lot.

    Another problem that I saw its that the plane in some moments of the flight, it moves like sttuters, sorry about the description, its a little bit difficult to me.

    Today making a long flight the planes rolls alone, the A/P its disconnected so that nos the problem.

    I have the modern flight model so thats not the problem

    Kind regards

  • @JaceR69 there have been some other reports of erroneous roll during straight and level flight. Also as a IRL PA28 pilot it's not correct but doesn't affect me too much, I just rest my foot on the rudder pedal like I'm flying a Cessna.

    I have not noticed the ground effect issue but I wasn't paying a lot of attention to it, I'll give it a go and see if I can recreate it.

  • Doesn't seem floaty to me at all as a pilot in real life, that's my 2 cents anyway.