Aileron Issue

  • I have so far only tried two approaches and both times flying at about 100 kts I'm having to select a constant right aileron to keep the aircraft level. Also just prior to touchdown the pitch is very twitchy.

    After landing I have noticed the left aileron is stuck in the up position and right aileron down. Its almost as if the Autopilot hasn't switched off, I can confirm the AP switches are selected off.

    Doesn't happen with any other aircraft so I'm sure its not my controller (X52 Pro)

  • I have experienced this today. The AP Off/On Rocker switch failed to disengage the AP. I used the Z keyboard command and that did the trick. I'm pretty sure this was when shooting an approach as well.

  • Just a quick mention about fuel tanks. I forgot to switch tanks yesterday, and this wasn't noticeable on autopilot, as it compensates etc. But when I disengaged, man did I feel the difference! Coincidently this was obviously during the approach phase. Had to land compensating for the extra weight on one side.

    Just thought I'd throw that in as a possible cause maybe.

    As a side note, I have the Honeycomb Yoke, so I can't say anything about "switches" not doing this or that. Nothing switch wise is working as expected, so I'm using the VC switches whenever possible, and trying to match the states with the physical switches. I can also do this in reverse, use the physical switch, and THEN click the switch in the VC. I'm looking for fixes, but only found one that may work. It's gonna take a LONG time setting everything up though, and not sure it's gonna be worth it.

  • @GAJ52 I suspect either you have a noisy controller, AP bug, or fuel imbalance, my coworker and I have done circuits in the arrow repeatedly and roll control and stability seem perfect from a RW pilot perspective. I'd suggest trying again, make sure tanks are level, don't engage AP at any point, calm wind.

  • Please also check my thread about "hidden" activation of the AP. There seems to be some bug that enables the AP without intention.
    In my case, the aileron deflection can be seen prior departure (easier to reproduce), but basically seems like the same effect as you have.

  • @copper Thanks guys for your advice.

    Its definitely not associated with fuel imbalance as these are very short flights and I do keep an eye on the fuel tank levels. Also not a hardware controller problem as all other aircraft do not have this problem , they all fly very stable. Like @copper I believe its a bug in the autopilot selection, if I don't touch the autopilot and fly the routes by hand I have no problems. On the occasions I've had this problem I have used Ctrl + Z (top of page 64 in the manual) to select the Just Flight Altitude Hold feature and noticed all this does is turn the AP on and off. I suspect its also introducing some instability in the AP selection sequence and preventing the autopilot from fully turning off, even though the switches are in the off position.

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