Crash and burn. All the time.

  • Something is very wrong with the controllers (?) and I can't figure out what. Just a statement, I have no problem whatsoever flying the Arrow or the WarriorII in X-Plane or the Cessna 172 steam gauges in MSFS2020. Or in RL.
    After installing the Arrow in MSFS2020 it keeps self turning full aileron left (although I do little right / full right on Logitech yoke that is visualized correctly in cockpit) resulting in a upside down crash a few seconds after liftoff. Tried to change some sensitive settings, set things to default and assistance TrueLife->AllAssists but it makes no difference.
    Thankful for any ideas?

  • JF Staff

  • @zekes @Derek
    It's not just me then?
    I put so many hours into trying to find the fault.

    Thanks so much to Derek for pointing us in the right direction!!!!!!

    Happy flying to you all,

    Kym H

  • Can I ask what weather you are using? My friends and I are noticing a lot of problems with plane control in bad weather conditions.
    One friend says itโ€™s due to icing, but none is visible. I believe that has been mentioned elsewhere.
    For me I was pulling my hair out yesterday, which is quite hard as Iโ€™m bald lol. I was finding a complete lack of power trying to take off from 6000ft+ in bad weather.
    There are so many factors at play here, Iโ€™m still not convinced the real world weather is working as it should be. Iโ€™m still carrying out tests with various addon planes. Results are inconclusive at this point.

  • @Derek
    Thanks! That did the trick. I'm grateful!

    I was also on the edge trying switching USB-device etc.

  • @Tigerclaw
    Have a look at Unreal Weather - Live METAR Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - works for me.

    Once you have live weather, FS Metar 2020 is a nice little add-on as well.

    Both are free so nothing to lose ๐Ÿ™‚

    This little beast is flying absolutely perfectly for me now since setting the Flight Model to Modern and has set a new benchmark in MSFS2020.

    One purchase I'll never regret and I'm as happy as a pig in muck!

    THANKS SO MUCH Just Flight

  • @Tigerclaw
    Thanks for the suggestion but @Derek 's link pointed me to the correct setting to actually get the plane up in the air.
    Weather was not the issue in my case but your issue sounds strange. Reproduceble at Courchevel or just setting pressure altitude to something extreme? How bad weather is bad weather? Is it with addon GA aircrafts only or with all?

  • @OzzyKym I'll check that out, as you say there's nothing to lose. I've got Rex Weather, but that has it's problems aswell.

    @zekes Yes I saw that, glad you got it sorted. I've never had my Sim on Legacy, it's always been on "Modern", so I didn't even think of that. The advantages of @Derek being a Guru I guess ๐Ÿ˜‰