Transponder not working

  • I am finding that ATC does not respond to transponder setting like other aircraft. Light comes on in test mode, but no other flashing , i.e radar scan, with mode in the on or alt position, and ATC does not respond to my setting the code, and eventually gives upon me. Normally, when you set the code, ATC acknowledges the setting. I do not think it is actually on.

    EDIT: This is only starting in cold and dark.
    Starting on runway when flight start, it is working fine.

  • This was mentioned in one of the video reviews. Apparently it's an MSFS thing that ATC will only respond to the code being set if you let MSFS set it automatically rather than set it yourself.

  • @Sender46
    Well thats not the case with say classic 172 as example.
    I have always set manually, and ATC picks it up as soon as the last digit is set, before acknowledging via atc menu. Setting manually actually overides The acknowledgment, and ATC responds with ‘radar contact’ etc.

  • Maybe it is just this plane, in which case I misunderstood the video.

  • I was wondering about this too as I just ran into it for the first time. As mentioned, if you let ATC set it It'll start working again. I had no idea how to do that in mid-flight after starting cold n' dark. Turns out if you set it to STBY whilst flying and then request IFR from ATC they will auto-set to what ATC wants and flight following will then work. They wont terminate and kick you back to VFR. Apologies if this common knowledge.


  • I confirm that.
    It's a bug only if you start cold & dark

  • @AndyBooth said in Transponder not working:

    EDIT: This is only starting in cold and dark.
    Starting on runway when flight start, it is working fine.

    It is also fine if you're using the ATC menu to acknowledge the squawk since then MSFS sets the code and activates the Transponder.
    It's just that the knob that should turn on the transponder doesn't correctly switch the state, it's only changing the visuals.

    When starting on a runway, you can't turn it off either, so the knob has no function other than the animations.

    I reported the issue already a few days ago via a ticket, let's hope they fix it in the upcoming patch.