My initial thoughts

  • First, I don't have a pilot license. However, I have been doing some flying around in a PA-28 Arrow II and therefore have some feel of how it behaves.

    I think this add-on is exquisite! The 3D model is absolutely perfect. The sounds are absolutely perfect. The systems are perfectly simulated. This is my first 3rd party aircraft add-on that I've bought so I can't compare it to the other ones, but it feels so... real!

    These are the most significant differences between this model and what I experienced flying the Arrow II:

    • When turning "the ball" (slip indicator) stays dead in the center. In the real aircraft it took me a while to learn how to coordinate the turn so that I stayed level and kept the ball centered. In the simulator I just have to apply some aileron and elevator to get a perfectly coordinated turn. I checked my assistance settings to see if I had auto rudder or something enabled but I didn't so I think perhaps the flight model needs some tuning here?
    • Just before I reach rotate speed the aircraft gets super twitchy in yaw and it's almost impossible to keep it straight, especially with some cross wind. I remembered having to use the rudder pedals on take off to keep the Arrow II straight, but it wasn't anywhere near as twitchy. I have my rudder pedals mapped in FSUIPC with a 6 unit slope and once in the air it feels fine, but on the ground with some speed it feels very strange
    • The model starts rolling with idle throttle. Even though the Arrow II is a bit lighter I clearly remember having to apply some throttle to get it rolling.
    • This may have to do with my yoke or my sensitivity settings (have linear mapping on the axis), but the elevator authority feels a bit on the low side. In the Arrow II the elevator had a very direct response, but then again it's a lighter aircraft so that may be perfectly fine.

    All in all it's a great add-on. There are some problems with the button mappings stated by others on the forum and FSUIPC identifies 4 instead of 3 flap detents, but I'm sure the developers will adress those issues in the near future.

    If you are just a little bit interested in GA flying I strongly recommend buying this add-on!