Four (corr.: make that five) flap detents are identified

  • I'm using FSUIPC for all my button and axis assignments. When I was calibrating the flap detents for one of my axis I noticed that FSUIPC reports 4 flap detents instead of 3.

  • Probably because of this:

    			<ANIMTIP_0>Flaps: 0</ANIMTIP_0>
    			<ANIMTIP_1>Flaps: 10</ANIMTIP_1>
    			<ANIMTIP_2>Flaps: 25</ANIMTIP_2>
    			<ANIMTIP_3>Flaps: 40</ANIMTIP_2>

  • @Cygnific Well the flap lever has four positions if you count flap 0, but that goes for all aircraft and yet FSUIPC recognize the correct amount of detents for those. So the question is, why does it recognize flap 0 as a detent for the Pa-28 but not for other models?🤔

    Edit: As a matter of fact, FSUIPC recognize 5 detents. So if I configure each detent on an axis, going to the first results in the flap lever jumping up and down momentarily

  • @ZenIT_SWE No idea how many positions other aircraft have, I just use my TCA Axis to handle the flaps but with the PA-28R I have lots of issues and have a hard time using toggle switches and buttons. Flaps work with Up and Down but not with Axis. Gear Up and Down also work but no Toggle else the gear will do some weird stuff.

    And there are issues with the way MSFS handles hardware buttons (On/Off) that keeps sending inputs.