Nav lights not working

  • For some reason the nav lights are not showing and I can only get them to work if I start with the engine running, eg. start on the runway.

  • Not working for me either. I found this link explaining how they should work:

    Copied from the above link:

    "Yeah, the navigation lights are controlled by that rotary switch next to the Battery master. I vividly remember my instructor tricking me with that: if you rotate the switch up just slightly until it clicks, that will turn on the nav lights, and dim the radio lights. But it also dims the green landing gear down-lock lights!

    So if you extend the gear and don't get any green lights, check that dimmer switch. I think he got me two or three times with that one. 🙂

    All the way down (below the click) the nav lights are off, and the interior radio lights are on. This is the normal daytime setting. As you rotate it up past the click the navigation lights will come on, and the radios will be dimmed. As you continue to rotate it up, the radio lights brighten."

  • Yes that worked. Thanks for the link and information 🙂

  • I don't see the landing gear lights dimming when operating the nav lights switch.

  • The LG lights should actually dim with the right hand rotary switch which operates the main instrument lights. Neither switch seems to do it on the sim, but in the real aircraft it makes the three greens virtually impossible to see in anything much less than complete dark. That's been my experience anyway. I'm sure it differs from airframe to airframe.