Bug report thread? Bug report thread!

  • Hey all,

    Not sure if there was already a thread somewhere else about this, so I figured I'd make one. Mods, feel free to delete this otherwise. I doubt it will get too much attention anyways since the plane is pretty flawless 🙂

    In any case, here's a first maybe bug assuming it's even on JustFlight side and not MSFS related:

    Just did a quick first flight and it seems that the panel switches on the Honeycomb Alpha yoke do not trigger the corresponding switches in the plane. More specifically:

    The following switches on the Honeycomb Alpha DO WORK correctly:

    1. Starter switch (Off,R,L,Both,Start) - OK
    2. Trim switch(es) - OK

    The following switches on the Honeycomb Alpha do NOT work correctly:

    1. Alternator & Battery - Appears to work functionally but not visually
    2. Avionics Bus 1 & 2 - doesn't do anything
    3. ANY of the light switches - doesn't do anything

    My Honeycomb yoke is mapped using only the default mapping set out by the sim itself, there are no custom mappings on it so I figure these default mappings SHOULD trigger the correct switches, but currently most of them do not work inside the Arrow. No huge deal, I can still click them on and off just fine, but just an FYI :), and please do correct me if this is a sim issue that I haven't been made aware of.

  • This problem also exists for people using SimConnect to bind buttons, I have the same problem except my battery switch is fully dead to my alpha through spad.next

  • I concur, im having the exact same issues with my honeycomb yoke.


  • Hi Folks, can confirm issues with honeycomb yoke. I have my alt, battery, avionics, and mags and light switches assigned using FSUIPC 7. The mags work fine, just the light switches and alt & battery not working for me.

    Other Bugs:

    • Also noticed the OAT gauge to be inaccurate with actual OAT temp.
    • Radio frequencies and fuel not saving with persistence. (Not sure if this is a bug and or feature.)

    Only issues I've noticed so far. If I come across more bugs I will post here.

    Love the plane BTW!

  • I posted on the msfs forum site also, but saw to post here as well....

    I’m not using fsuipc or spad but a small add on called fs_tool. Anyway, changing a few of the event id’s to toggle instead of on/off sorted most of my switches out.

    I’m in over head on some of this lol but thought I’d share in case someone who knows better can teach the rest of us.

  • Couple of additional bugs

    1. Manually setting transponder code doesn't seem to work, but setting it automatically with acknowledge squawk in the atc menu does work.

    2. I've now had a second COMPLETE shutdown in flight both cases VFR flight EGLC to EGNX at about 2000 ft with AP heading and altitude hold engaged (I know, I'm a bad pilot) - suddenly every switch in the aircraft gets set to off and every engine control gets set to zero. The two times I've encountered this I've started on the runway rather than a cold start but that might just be a coincidence.
      I'm not sure what logging could be generated to see more details on this.

  • You can map "toggle master battery", "toggle alternator 1" etc in FSUIPC, but not "master battery set" etc.

  • @ZenIT_SWE Good to know, thanks for the tip!

  • I have also found I couldn't get the stall warning horn to come on practicing power on and off stalls. Verifying that the stall warning horn circuit breaker was pushed in, possible bug.

  • In VR the mouse is sometimes out of focus. Also there are a lot of knobs and buttons that don't have a textbox when hovering over it with the mouse (in VR). Otherwise fun plane!

  • Today I was able to find 2 bugs:

    One is the transponder bug that was already posted in this thread.
    The other is with the autopilot, when a pressed the autopilot button to ON, the plane just banks to the right without stop, and that also happens when I press de HDG button to ON with the AP button OFF.

    But Im loving this plane!!

  • @Bat29 did not have this issue. My stall warning horn worked properly.

    I also did not have any issues with the Autopilot.

    HOWEVER, I very much ran into one biggie.

    When doing steep turns all of my instruments, electronic, vacuum gyros, pitot and static, even the magnetic compass FROZE. About two minutes later they all came back in a jolt.

    About fifteen minutes later this happened in level flight. I streamed it all and its in there if anyone wants to watch, just YouTube Micah Messer and it's the latest stream.

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