Arrow autopilot

  • Hello,

    I am interested in bying the Arrow, maybe the III/IV-Bundle. The descripion says autopilot is simple and does not provide vertical navigation. But I see a knop with ALT-option.

    Maybe in real world maintaining the altitude is easy, but in simulation I will not be happy with a plane which doesn't have at least the altitude hold mode. Does the Arrow support alt hold?

    Thanks for answer. Regards, Norbert

  • (page 67 in the manual) ... "As you approach 4,000ft, place your mouse cursor over the navigation/approach coupler knob and press the middle button on your mouse (this is often integrated into the mouse-wheel). Alternatively, you can use the default key assignment – [Ctrl]+[Z].This toggles altitude hold mode. The autopilot will capture and hold the current altitude (rounded to the nearest hundred feet). A tooltip indicates whether altitude hold mode is engaged.

    ... The real-life Piper AutoControl IIIB doesn’t feature altitude hold mode but it has been included for convenience".