Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Configuration

  • Would like to suggest that Just Flight aircraft authors develop appropriate configuration files for Honeycomb Alpha Yoke (AY) and Bravo Throttle (BT) for their respective aircraft. The AY and BT are very capable devices and add much realism to aircraft simulations. However, that capability comes at a cost of complex configuration profiles for each aircraft. Since the Just Flight aircraft authors are intimately familiar with the aircraft interior buttons, knobs, and lever animations, it would be great customer support to either sell the aircraft simulations with appropriate AY and BT configuration profiles or make them available separately for an additional fee. I have tried to configure my AY and BT for the JustFlight Piper Arrow III in X-Plane with very limited success and would be willing to pay for professionally developed setup files. The BT buttons and knobs required writing a LUA script with many new commands, Datarefs, and complex if-then statements I never could get right. For example, with a single press of the NAV button on the BT I want the animation in the cockpit to rotate the autopilot knob to the NAV position, make the autopilot intercept and follow the navigation course, and turn off the HDG button if it was on...but only if the autopilot is on. I clearly recognize the value of professionally developed configuration profiles and would pay for them. Thank you for a favorable review of my suggestion.

  • The thing is that even the most generic keybinds with the Alpha and Bravo (e.g. Lights) won't work in the Arrow.

  • JF Staff

    We are currently aware of this and will hopefully be fixed for the next update