My Turbo Arrow cannot fly straight

  • Hi everybody,

    if I leave my yoke to neutral, my Turbo Arrow for P3Dv4 banks to the right during the entire flight and have to correct with a lot of left aileron. Trims are set to neutral, no fuel imbalance, yoke axes are correctly calibrated in FSUIPC.

    Is this the normal airplane behavior? Any hints on how to solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance and best regards.

  • Normal behavior for most aircraft .

  • Almost the same issue here. Using the Turbo Arrow IV in P3D 4.5 with the latest hotfix with a balanced load and fuel but my aircraft banks to the left at least 10 degrees with the yoke centered. I don't have this issue with any other aircraft such as the A2A planes or the JF 152...or any others for that matter.

    I am aware of the right rudder needed on take off/climb but my banking issue persists even at 9,000 ft cruise and all other altitudes.