no more updates ?

  • Just wondering, there are no more updates since quite some time.
    Just to mention a few things, There is still an issue with GSL, it often lets it deviate by more than two dots without doing anything. The EGT values are unusable. An AP controller subpanel had been promised.
    Hope it hasn't been abandoned.


  • Same here. Still waiting for the next update.
    Some more severe struggles waiting to be fixed.
    Any plan when the next update will be released?

  • JF Staff

    This topic is covered to some extent here -

    Updates are in progress for the product and the main focus is currently the FMC. None of our products get abandoned as you'll see from updates to years old products. The daily/weekly update schedule in the first few months following release is unlikely to return due to the fewer but more complex nature of any outstanding issues.

    Please be sure to update any support tickets (or submit new ones) if you are encountering any significant issues as the product should now be very stable, aside from some FMC quirks which remain the focus.

  • next P3D update before release of XP11-version?