v1.1.2.2 GA in FSX

  • For FSX/FSX-SE users, compiling GA will result in a lot of 'invisible' aircraft.

    Though JF has substituted default FSX planes for the majority of these (all but the still invisible Cherokee), you won't get to see any of them unless you go to C:\Users\your username\Documents\TrafficGlobal\compiler\GA (if you installed TG into the default location).

    The GA error log will end:
    username\Documents\TrafficGlobal\compiler\GA\AircraftTypes_FSX.dat : error: Unable to open aircraft type data in AircraftTypes_FSX.dat

    To fix this, copy the files:

    Rename the copies as

    and recompile the GA

    You'll then get the correct replacement FSX default ai aircraft and the GA error log will complete normally

    (can't be sure that it's actually necessary to do the .csv file, but might as well...😁 )

    [JF support notified: ticket #48840]