New User has questions

  • I just purchased Global Traffic and have some questions

    I loaded the somewhere and compiled the traffic. There are lost of planes now when I load P3D 5.1 HF1. I see other planes in the air. I use a program called FS-Flight Control and I see all the planes flying around using the AI aircraft feature in that program.

    1. Do I need to create a flight plan in Global Traffic to see the AI traffic. Not 10% sure I am seeing this. in P3D I have Airline traffic density at 100%
    2. if I need to create a flight plan, how to I enter my aircraft. does not seem to be listed. Mind is a Citation XL56 Jet
    3. The flight schedules that GT loads is the same ones using by flight status web sites True or false
    4. is there a more detailed YouTube tutorial on how the software works and what is needed to make AI aircraft seem in P3D

    Pretty happen with it. It does reduce frame rates some but not much so I just made some tweaks in the settings of P3D