Landing AI traffic

  • Dear people
    I see that in the airport GCLA (La Palma) of sim-wings the AI traffic, specially bigger Aircraft like A320 or B737, cannot land and is always going around. In Xplane with traffic global it works perfectly. Do you have an idea how to change it? Is there a way how to force the AI aircraft to be at certain heights in the approach. Can traffic global superseed the indications of the airport with other indications?
    In GCLA, La Palma the A320 is at the point in the picture at about 6500ft that is to say more than 2000ft higher as it should be.


  • Does someone know why in Xplane with traffic global the AI aircraft land perfectly and in P3DV5 with traffic global AI aircraft is not able to land. Is it something specific to the airport and not so much to the navigraph data or to the AI software? Can someone explain what defines the approach of AI traffic to an airport? Thanks