Flaps behaviour in Turbo Arrow: Aerosoft purchase

  • I saw the other thread here on flaps behaviour, but I experienced this last night as well doing circuits. I cannot imagine that this is the intended behaviour...

    I bought the aircraft two days ago in the sale over at Aerosoft. Is it possible that Aerosoft doesn't have the up-to-date release? I cannot see which version it is that Aerosoft sold me, as there is no version number any where. The files are mostly dated 10 February 2019, however...


  • Aerosoft list it as version 1.6

    The flaps behaviour is quite violent and the elevator displacement required is a quite excessive. Is this really the case with the real aircraft? Full trim up will not trim out the nose down pitch at flaps settings...


  • There is an update to the aircraft over on the x-plane.org site linked in the support pages:


    If for some reason you also experience this, you need to unzip that file into

    JF_PA28_Turbo_Arrow\plugins\SASL3_Tbient\data\modules\Custom Module\ANIM_EXTR\T_Tail

    This will stop the aggressive nose down pitching on flap deployment that is noticeable under certain circumstances, which are best explained by Dan Klaue of Thranda Design here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/171747-pa-28-turbo-arrow-trim/&tab=comments#comment-1596760

    The Turbo Arrow IV (T-Tail) is now much more manageable and certainly does not require the trim I was having to dial in before. She now lands like I am sure she should...