Where is the avionics master switch in the Turbo Arrow IV?

  • Please tell me that I am not blind... I cannot find any switch on the panel or in the documentation that is the avionics master. After engine start up, the GPS, radios and so on do not work...

    Am I the only one to notice this missing???


  • JF Staff

    Hi Andrew,

    The Turbo Arrow isn't fitted with an avionics master (just like the real aircraft we based it on). You just need the battery master switched on for the avionics to work.

    If you are starting from cold & dark then you will also need to switch on the avionics using the power controls located on each unit (e.g. knob on top left corner of GPS, switch in bottom right corner of KN62 etc).


  • I found out yesterday late that this does not have one. I had a major problem with the avionics, as I could not switch anything on... I restarted x-Plane 11...

    I can only guess that there is some activation routine of the licence? It worked the second time around: So, install aircraft and run x-plane 11, activate licence after entereing/pasting code, shut sown x-plane. Restart and load the aircraft for a new flight. This is where I thought everything should work, but it didn't. It wasn't until I restarted x-plane again and reloaded the Arrow that everything worked as it should.

    Just to let you know...


    PS: thanks Martyn, you were replying as I was replying to mine... 🙂