Cannot install v1.1.2.1

  • Hi all, I have troubles installing v1.1.2.1. on Win10.
    This is the error message I get:

    The system cannot find the file specified
    And the same with file Traf65c1.rra
    And I try another time and then its Traf4ad3.rra

    I can only select ignore and the installation aborts.
    Any idea as to what the problem is? Previous version ran flawless. Thank you!

  • @yvesbarrington
    It looks like an .rra extension is a temporary installer file type that TG presumably uses when installing and then deletes.
    As you've had no problems installing previous versions, was there anything that you have perhaps done differently, or changed, this time?
    Might be worth redownloading from your JF account in case there was some kind of corruption involved.
    As you've not had this error before, then I would guess disabling any av and Defender wouldn't help? I've personally never had to do that but I guess it might be worth trying as everyone's setup is different.
    If all else fails, it might be worth raising this as a support ticket.

  • Thank you, turns out that a recent Win update changed some of my disk access settings. And that somehow conflicted with the installer.
    So your answer gave me the idea to look at it from another perspective 🙂 Thank you again!

  • @yvesbarrington
    Pleased that you found the problem, Yves!
    I often wonder just who is really in control of my pc, me or Micro$oft!😜