Paint Kit Issues

  • Hi @Martyn

    I am really sorry to say this but the paint kit is not great at all. A few others have said the same and I am guessing this is why repaints are simply not materializing besides the 3 made by @Geordie.

    Here is a simple great example of the major issue:

    paintkit issue.jpg


    comparison - 787.jpg

    The front and end of the fuselage requires tedious amounts of editing/guessing to make text and lines straight. This is not a paint kit that is designed to be "repainter" friendly. I understand that painting in a 3D modelling program is great but most of us only have photoshop or the like. The majority of repaint kits I have used make it easy because everything is exported flat. That seems to be industry best practice and I am not sure why it hasn't been here with JustFlight.

    I highly recommend you update the repaint mapping on a future update. More repaints will draw more interest for your product I'm sure, especially with the RJ expansion.

    kind regards,

  • couldn't agree more.
    The current Paint Kit is very challenging and it takes much more time to paint a livery.
    But, nevertheless, the results are really nice without any perspective issues.