My AI Flights Double Up!

  • In the latest update my "My AI Flights" have multiplied. For example I have a flight plan for an Atlas 747 flight to EPWA. On approach two of them appear one immediately behind the other so one is sent into go around! Yet another strange quirk in TG.

    Has anybody experienced similar issues and have you been able to solve this?


  • @Lockheed-lad
    It looks as though My AI Flights may no longer be compiled as a separate file, now compiling in with TrafficGlobal_AI.bgl.
    Might you have your TrafficGlobal_myFlights.bgl from a previous version still around?

  • My AI Flights are now compiled with the main Aircraft database, if you want find out if your plan worked without an error you have to now search the Log.txt, and try find it in the thousands of errors in that log.
    You can check the Schedules_myAI.dat but will only show it in tail number format.

  • @Lockheed-lad
    Of course, you're most likely already aware of this but, just in case...
    You could use the freeware AI Flight Planner (AIFP3) to decompile TrafficGlobal_AI.bgl and, by selecting any particular aircraft, use the 'Show Flightplans using' function to track down any possible duplications within it or save as .txt files and search that way.

  • @Capt-Quirk

    Thanks to you and Ray for your suggestions. After some experimentation I have found that My AI Flights only double up when the traffic density is set above 95%.


  • @Lockheed-lad
    They should not double up on any settings i would say you have a install problem duplicate BGL somehow in your sim.